Representing Veterans and active-duty personnel in Broward County

Broward Veterans Coalition

About the Broward Veterans Coalition

The Broward Veterans Coalition (BVC) was born to replace the old Broward County Veterans Coalition (BCVC) an organization founded and headed by Bill Kling.  Bill was the heart and soul of the BCVC and it ceased operations upon his death.  A number of individuals who were involved in the BCVC felt we had to continue the great work that Bill had started so we created the BVC.

The BVC is a 501c(19) as a veterans organization. Donations are tax deductible. 


  • ​​​To enhance the welfare, and quality of life, of all veterans in Broward County Florida..
  • To educate, and inform, the membership, and other veterans, regarding existing and proposed legislation that does, or could, affect veterans.
  • To provide a forum for communication, and exchange of information and ideas, between Broward Vets and the various other veterans organizations throughout the County, State, and Country.
  • To provide a liaison between the Broward Vets and any other organization whose mission includes advocating for, assisting, or supporting veterans.
  • To provide continuing assistance to eliminate the backlog of claims facing those veterans requiring any services from the US Veterans Administration or any other government entity.
  • To protect and defend the rights and interests of the Broward Vets membership, and all veterans.
  • To represent the membership of the Broward Vets before executive, legislative, regulatory, or community associations of any type, in order to affirm the position of the Broward Vets, achieve new benefits, or solicit support.​
The Broward Veterans Coalition will serve as an umbrella organization representing the interest of veterans organizations, individual veterans, and active-duty personnel.